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The process of self-staging: tips from the pros

With some handy tips you can easily get prepared for a fast sale home without having to spend tons of money. Let's see some of the best tips on how you can self-stage your home to sell it quickly.

Let's say that I'm one who want to sell my property fast, I'm done with all the fixtures, re-painting and decluttering and have also freed my home from all the used looking or simply unnecessary furniture and also packed the majority of your personal belongings away already. What comes next?

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We feel we can save money by doing the staging ourselves. While not everyone is born to become an interior designer, there are some ways every one of us can make their home look much nicer than before. The first rule of this all is to get everything thoroughly cleaned. That's already half the success.

Let's see how self-staging can be done step by step:

  • Rearrange furniture for it to show the room in the best possible light. Also the less is more. Only leave pieces that can really complement the room while leaving it airy.
  • Get color coordinated decor items – blankets, flower vases, a greatly coloured rug can perfectly do
  • Get or rent attractive looking houseplants in great looking pots or other containers as they can really light up any room
  • Add some standing lamps and table lamps to increase the light. If you have a fireplace, make sure it's clean, usable and that it's turned on by the time visitors arrive.
  • Get fresh, possibly unused towels in the bathroom ( even if they are just for the show, they can be freely used later on)
  • Make sure of maintaining total cleanness between showings or Open House events.
  • Pay attention to the good smells. Fresh bread aroma, pot-pourri are perfect
  • Check through home magazines to see how homes are staged before showing. The way they are staged before photoshoots is exactly the same they are staged for quick home selling.
  • Small tricks of staging is showing some works in progress, such as freshly washed towels and a towel basket in the laundry room, a reading table with a book being opened
  • Used fresh fruits in the kitchen or dining room areas. Their color works great with any other colours and can really help bring out the best from any room.
  • Make sure everything looks neat, clean and organized.
  • Do not splurge out on décor items, otherwise you can easily end up paying a whole lot of money, in fact more than you would have if you hired a staging expert. Home décor items can cost a lot of money, so take great care and rather try to use what you already have.

Don't forget to maintain cleanness while the process of selling and home showing is going on. For the sake of everything to look its very best, the best way to self-stage is, if you do not live in the house anymore.