sell your home quickly

How Home decor, Themes and trends can help you sell your home quickly

If your home has a lead theme, it can bring more people view it and get interested in it which is pretty important, when it comes to a fast sale home transaction. Especially if the chosen theme is also a trendy one. Some themes are easy to recreate with some additions and that's exactly what you might be looking for. So here are some tips on the key themes and how you can recreate them. Remember, do not overspend, rather use the theme for which you already have the base.

Work with themes:

Theme means that you basically pre-define a style to your home. This style can range from antique to modern and in most cases its the style of the house and the furniture which define this the most. Themes can help you sell your home a big deal. In cases you have more of a neutral style to your home, you can easily create themes with the help of some smart decoration items.

  • Seaside themes means lots of white, working with sandy shades and shades of blue and yellow to create a fresh, summer like atmosphere in a room. This can be complemented with some great seaside wall decorations. Seaside theme can be modern, traditional and rustic
  • Complement your modern furniture with some antique findings: if you already have a nice lamp or a good old table, an old chest, these just look fantastic.
  • Remember too much is never too good don't overcrowd any room with decoration or furniture. Make sure to leave everything as spacious as it is possible.

Today's most popular home trends include the following:

  • Light Victorian: this is such a classy style that never really goes out of fashion, especially if someone has an inherently Victorian style home to sell. Make sure not to have too much old and always buy some modern pieces which can complement the older furniture to create a fresh composition. Make sure rooms are not overstuffed.
  • Country –Cottage Rustic: two of the most popular of this includes British and French cottage styles, with French cottage being a little bit more airy than the more rustic British cottage. You won't need so much to bring this style, only one or two rustic items and country style decorations Country sales can give you some great opportunity to get some smaller yet beautiful looking items. Chests, drawers, tables work the best. Decorational items can include lavender, old oil lamps, old country store logos and statues or figurines of lambs, rabbits.
  • Minimal modern: this style basically means less is more and it's big advantage is, that it creates space in any room. However make sure to keep some vital items in such as table, a sofa or some chairs and always do something with the empty space, either in form of a carpet or a decorative plant, vase or something similar.
  • IKEA/Scandinavian: there is not much to say about this style: IKEA is clean, modern, Scandinavian and its also practical and cheap therefore most people use its furniture in their homes.

If I would want to sell my property fast I would definitely choose a theme which is trendy but which is not too far fetched from the current theme of my home.